Originating from the South of Russia, angelicamílash is an independent director, artist and multi-hyphenate creative currently splitting her time between Moscow and Toronto, Canada. The unorthodox spelling of her name comes from her admiration for author's bell hooks' ideas around identity, creativity and representation. 

Armed with a BFA in Image Arts: Film Studies, angelicamílash is passionate about developing projects on the intersection of music, commerce and tv. Her latest works have premiered via MTV, Rolling Stone, Dazed China, Clash Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Netflix Film, NBC's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS. She is also a part of HXOUSE, a Forbes-praised creative hub and collective and is a recipient of its No More Dreams Creative Direction Scholarship. 

Commercials (Canada)

Stefani Kouverianos / stefani@commongood.tv / +1.416.457.1936

Commercials (Russia)

Liza Khokhlova / liza@workingtitle.ru / +7.961.090.9612

Creative Direction + Personal / HXOUSE

angelicamilash@gmail.com / hire@hxouse.com